Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine Plastic Cap Hi-Speed Rotative Compression Molding Machine Made in Vietnam by Duy Khanh Engineering Co.,LTD
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Plastic Cap Compression Molding Machine

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  • The pressing molding technology is new one for caps production. Many kinds of plastic caps used in food, soft drinks, pharmaceutical industry, agricultural chemicals and other industries are manufactured by using plastic cap molding technology. In comparison with injection molding, new plastic cap molding technology has more advanatges:
    1) Caps quality is uniform; there is no pour gate and thus caps have better appearance; it is easier for printing logos.
    2) Higher productivity  - yeild of caps is 2, 3 times with lower costs.
    3) Energy saving, environment-friendly.

    1) Operate conveniently and easily.
    2) Easily replace the molds for changing the other type of caps
    3) Control operations by a friendly touch screen and adjust paremeters easily.

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