December, 1989 - Founded Base Engineering Duy Khanh with:
• 3 staff.
• 3 machine tool.
• Field of action: processing machinery details.

June, 1996 - Establishment of Private Enterprise Engineering Duy Khanh include:
• 50 employees.
• 50 machine tool.
• Field of action: design manufacturing, processing machinery details. 

January, 1997 - Start to invest modern highly strict machine tool, the number of program control (CNC) and software CAD /CAM
Extended field production: design and manufacture plastic template, cutting machines with technology CAD/CAM/CNC.
 December, 2000 – Award-winning "Young Best Business". 

January, 2003 - Establishment of Duy Khanh Engineering Company limited liability.
• 90 employees.
• 80 machine tool with 15 controlling devices by digital technique (CNC). 

July, 2004 - The organization DNV (Norwegian) and UKAS (United Kingdom) level certified quality management standards ISO 9001-2000.

Currently, 2017: 
• The company has more than 120 employees.
• Duy Khanh Engineering Company was equipped over 100 machine tools, with 35 high precision, modern machine tools, which are controlled by Computer Numerical Control( CNC). Especially more than 10 high quality CNC machine imported from Germany - Italy -Japan Taiwan in 2010 - 2011.
• In 2016, DNV certificated Duy Khanh Engineering Company with new Quality Management System ISO 9001-2015
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